Looking for high-quality golf balls with UK-wide delivery? Affordable Golf stocks a wide selection of golf balls —
including distance, spin control, tour and soft golf balls — all from the world’s leading brands.

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Browse our collection of golf ball packs from Callaway, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist, Wilson Staff
and more, and enjoy free standard delivery on all orders over £30* or free next-day delivery on orders over £100**.

All the Major Golfing Brands in One Place

Investing in the right golf balls for your game is a surefire way to generate more speed and more control over your distance and spin. And the best golf balls to buy are those that have been innovatively designed by top golfing brands.

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Typically boasting more advanced features such as aerodynamically designed dimples and multiple layers, these balls can help you achieve more penetrating flight, greater backspin and a softer feel compared to lesser-known manufacturers on the market. As a leading golf ball shop, Affordable Golf stocks just about every major golf brand you could think of.

Some of the big golf names you can find in our selection include Bridgestone, Callaway, Srixon, TaylorMade, Titleist, and many other top-of-the-range golf ball brands on the market.

For innovatively designed balls from your favourite golf brand available at an incredible price, buy golf balls online in the UK from Affordable Golf.

Our Extensive Golf Ball Range

We have a wide range of golf balls for every kind of golfer — from beginners to professional golfers; for men, ladies, seniors and juniors. As a trusted online golf ball store, we ensure that we have every type of ball you could be looking for, from our top-of-the-line tour-performance balls all the way to our practice ball range.

Some golfers like to play with a traditional white ball, while others prefer a luminescent yellow ball for enhanced visibility in the rough. We have different colours on offer in our range, so you are sure to find something suited to your preference.

You can also find golf balls on sale at discounted rates on our online store or by following our social media platforms (Instagram & Facebook) for our latest golf ball offers in the UK.

Enhance your performance from the tee to the green with only the best golf balls in the UK for sale online at Affordable Golf. With something for every player and budget, these are some of the types of balls in our collection:

Tour Performance

Tour golf balls are premium golf balls that offer maximum performance for golfers of all ability levels, despite the name suggesting that it is only for pros. Typically featuring a softer urethane cover, harder rubber core and multiple layers, tour-level balls strike the perfect balance between a soft feel for around the greens and a higher compression for maximum carry on shots off the tee.

If you're looking to hit with the best ball on the market, the luxurious feel, optimised spin rates and distance control of tour performance balls are exactly what you need.

Distance Golf Balls

Golfers who average faster swing speeds may prefer to play with distance balls. Featuring harder cores with exceptional compression and aerodynamic dimples for less drag and greater lift, these balls cut through the air to help you achieve maximum speed and carry, hopefully getting you to the pin in fewer strokes.

Soft Golf Balls

Slower swing speed golfers often prefer the performance and sound of softer golf balls. The low-compression rubber core of a soft ball uses a trampoline effect to help you generate faster ball speeds, exceptional spin, and added accuracy.

Looking for soft golf balls for sale in the UK at unbeatable low prices? Order now from Affordable Golf and level up your golf game!

Refurbished Golf Balls

Our refurbished second-hand golf balls are an even more budget-friendly option than our brand-new balls and multi-buy deals. Often used at driving ranges, a pack of golf balls that has been refurbished will have all the benefits that come with the top brands in the golfing world — but with a significantly more affordable price tag.

Practice Golf Balls

Save yourself the trouble of having to repair a broken window with our practice ball range. Practice balls are usually made from incredibly soft and lightweight foam for warming up your swing indoors or in the back garden. Our lightweight golf air balls are also a great training aid, especially for new or junior golfers or when space is limited.

We take pride in offering affordable golf balls for sale with UK-wide delivery. Shop for refurbished or new golf balls for sale online or in-store at one of our 3 golf shops in Scotland.

Affordable Golf: Top-Quality Golf Equipment for Less

If you want to buy golf balls in the UK without breaking the bank, Affordable Golf is your go-to supplier, offering the best price on golf balls. At the click of a button, you can shop from all your favourite names in golf and equip yourself with everything you need for a great round.

As a leading online golf retailer in the United Kingdom, we stock all of the latest golf equipment. From golf clubs and trolleys to accessories and tees, we have everything you may need to bring your A-game onto the golf course.

Buy clubs, accessories and golf balls with a next day delivery included on orders over £100** (mainland UK).

Golf Ball Multi-Buy Deals

Looking for golf ball deals in the UK? We have various multi-buy deals on golf balls available on our trusted online store, allowing you can save even more! 'Cheaper by the dozen' is a phrase that rings true with our multi-buy golf balls sold by the dozen. Simply select from single golf ball packs to packs of 12, 24 or even 36.

With Affordable Golf, you can easily shop for golf balls with a multi-buy deal; and if your golfing needs even more balls than our online golf store can handle, our staff are happy to quote for bulk orders too.

Ready to take your golf performance to the next level? Order golf balls in the UK from Affordable Golf today — We include free standard delivery on all orders over £30*.

*Standard delivery to mainland UK

**Orders placed before 4pm