Experience superior grip, reduce hand fatigue, and prevent blisters with Affordable Golf's range of
high-quality golf gloves for men, women, and juniors.

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Whether you're a left handed golfer with small hands or a right handed golfer with large hands, we stock
gloves in all sizes & variations from some of the best golf brands, including TitleistFootJoyCallaway,
CobraMizuno, and Under Armour.

Shop online for golfing gloves and get free delivery on orders over £30*.

Quality Kid's, Women's & Men's Golf Gloves from Top Brands

Affordable Golf is an authorised stockist for all the major brands in golf so you will find an extensive range of golf gloves for sale at affordable price points on our website and in our golf stores. We stock golfing gloves from all the major brand names, including:

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Order a junior, women's or men's golf glove online from Affordable Golf today for gloves you can trust to enhance your game, protect your hands, and stand the test of time.

Our Wide Range of Golf Gloves

Looking for medium women's golf gloves? Or perhaps you're after large men's golf gloves for a right handed golfer? Our gloves are available in various styles & colour palettes and several sizes, including small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large.

Leather Golf Gloves

A classic leather golf glove is a popular choice among novice and low handicap golfers alike because it offers the perfect mix of comfort, quality, and durability. Compared to other glove types, leather golf gloves offer the perfect texture for golfing because they have a soft feel for comfortable play while also offering a superior grip that will improve your performance levels.

For truly premium gloves, Cabretta leather gloves fit like a second skin, are highly breathable, and allow for a better feel of the club and, ultimately, greater control of your golf swing.

Synthetic Golf Gloves

Synthetic golfing gloves are more lightweight and pliable compared to leather golf gloves, which allows more flexibility in the joints of the fingers. But gloves with a 100% synthetic composition aren't as common as gloves that feature a leather and synthetic material hybrid construction.

If you're looking to get impressive long-term wear from your new golfing glove, 100% synthetic gloves may be perfect for you as they can be more durable than a leather glove in certain situations. However, synthetic gloves lack the premium feel of leather that many golfers enjoy.

All Weather Golf Gloves

No matter the weather conditions, an all-weather golf glove features advanced perspiration and water resistance properties that allow you to play until the last hole with full confidence.

All-weather golfing gloves are often made from a blend of real and synthetic materials to give golfers the best of both worlds. The lightweight construction of these gloves is breathable and moisture-wicking in warm temperatures, while the palm of the glove often features materials that are designed to create greater friction in wet conditions, thus offering better grip.

Rain Golf Gloves

Designed to offer optimal breathability, flexibility and grip in wet conditions, rain gloves are a must have for golfing in the United Kingdom. When you have rain golf gloves stashed in your golf bag, you won't need to worry about missing a day on the green because of bad weather.

We also stock golf mitts and thermal golf gloves for quickly warming your hands in the colder months. These winter golf gloves insulate warmth to increase blood flow in your hands so you don't have to worry about cold weather affecting your swing.

Take strokes off your game with a new golf glove from Affordable Golf. Order online for free standard delivery on orders over £30*.

Golf Gloves for Improved Performance

Golf gloves are predominantly used for improved grip because a slip of the hand could send the ball flying into a bunker, the rough, or even out of bounds. But most golfing gloves are designed with premium materials and cutting edge features that give them other great benefits too:

More Control

Golfing gloves give you more control for a better game.

A golf glove offers enhanced grip and prevents the golf club from twisting in your hands, particularly in hotter weather. By reducing the grip pressure needed on the golf club, golfers can relax their forearms and hands to gain a better feel of the shot and improve the consistency of their ball striking.

Reduce Hand Fatigue

Spending hours on the golf course can be taxing on the hands, and some golfers tend to overcompensate for tired hands by tensing their forearms and gripping the club harder.

Good quality gloves offer padding that reduces any painful vibrations felt with each shot, which takes some of the pressure off your hands. By wearing a golf glove, less effort is needed to maintain a good grip, so your swings can remain relaxed for improved performance.

Prevent Blisters & Callouses

Depending on the amount of golf you play and your swing style, blisters can occur quite easily. Painful and annoying, they usually appear on the thumb or index finger and can ruin an otherwise thrilling round.

Golfing gloves protect your hands from painful blisters by reducing the repetitive friction of each shot.

Better Moisture Wicking

Most golf gloves are made from innovative moisture wicking materials that reduce the need to constantly switch gloves during hot weather to avoid playing with a slippery grip.

A high-quality golfing glove will feature exceptional moisture management properties that will keep your hands dry and cool whatever the weather.

Ensure peak performance with high-quality golf gloves for ladies and men from some of the best golf brands. Order online from Affordable Golf today or visit one of our golf stores in Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the common questions customers have about our gloves below.

How do you know what size golf glove to get?

A golfing glove shouldn't be too tight — it should fit snugly like a second skin around the hand. The closure tab should offer some room for adjustment and cover roughly 75% of the Velcro across the back of the hand. If it doesn't, a smaller size may be a better fit for you.

Size down if it is loose or there is excess material at the palms or the top of the fingers.

What hand do you wear the glove on?

A glove is usually worn by golfers on only one hand.

Your non-dominant hand is your lead hand (the hand that is higher on the shaft), so the glove is worn on this hand. Therefore, a left handed golfer generally needs a right hand golf glove while a right handed golfer will use a glove on their left hand.

Why do golfers rotate their gloves?

Keeping a pair of gloves in rotation is recommended for a number of reasons. On hotter days, changing up your gloves ensures you are always playing with dry gloves and have an excellent grip. This also extends each glove's lifetime as it gives them more time to dry out between uses.

Many golfers will use a leather golf glove in rotation with an all-weather glove as each glove performs at its best in different weather conditions. Backup golf winter gloves are also a good investment if you spend a lot of time golfing in the UK and don't want bad weather to stop your game.

Invest in a quality golf glove today to ensure you're ready for anything on the golf course. Shop online from Affordable Golf for free next-day delivery on orders over £100**.

Affordable Golf: Branded Golf Gloves at Great Prices

Affordable Golf is a leading UK supplier of premium golf wear and golf equipment. From golf clubs & golf trolleys to golf footwear and golf clothing, we stock everything you need for a great game.

We have 3 golf stores & custom fitting centres in Scotland: Hillington (Glasgow), East Kilbride (South Lanarkshire) & Irvine (North Ayrshire). Here, you will find a wide range of golfing gloves and other golf gear from all the major brands as well as a custom golf club fitting and golf trolley repair service.

Whatever the weather, we offer a wide range of performance, sport and winter gloves from leading brands. Shop online for all-weather golf gloves from Mizuno, Titleist, Wilson Staff and more all at the lowest UK prices when you buy your golf equipment online from Affordable Golf.

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